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Adult Smoking

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According to the 2015-2016 Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS), 21% (17.6%, 24.9%) of Ontario adults (19+ years) identified themselves as current smokers and 16% (13.0%, 19.7%) as daily smokers. The percentage of smokers in Simcoe Muskoka was similar to the province as a whole, with 18% (17.1%, 18.7%) of adults (19+ years) reporting they currently smoked including 13% (12.2%, 13.5%) who smoke daily.


There was a significant decreasing trend in the smoking rates among Simcoe Muskoka adults from 2000 to 2014, however, due to changes in survey methods the 2015-2016 data cannot be compared to this historical data.

By Sex

In 2015-2016, 22% (17.6%, 26.9%) of adult males (19+) in Simcoe Muskoka reported that they were current smokers and 17% (13.5%, 21.9%) said that they were daily smokers. Among adult females in Simcoe Muskoka, 20% (15.4%, 26.0%) reported as current smokers including 15% (10.8%, 20.1%) that were daily smokers. Simcoe Muskoka smoking rates did not differ from the provincial smoking rates by gender.

By Age Group

According to the CCHS, in 2015-2016, 23% (18.2%, 29.2%) of younger adults (19-44 years) in Simcoe Muskoka reported that they currently smoked. This was not significantly different than the 25% (19.1%, 32.9%) of older adults (45–64 years) that reported as current smokers but was significantly higher than the 10% (5.9%, 15.0%) of seniors (65+) that reported as current smokers.

In 2015-2016, 61% (54.1%, 57.7%) of younger adults (19-44 years) in Simcoe Muskoka reported that they have never been a smoker and 44% (36.8%, 51.9%) of older adults 45 to 64 years report that they never have been a smoker.

Education & Income

Levels of education and income also plays a significant role in smoking rates, with smoking levels dropping as education and income levels increase.

In 2015-2016, Ontario adults (19+ years) with a university degree or higher education were significantly more likely to never have been smokers, with nearly three-quarters (72% (69.9%, 73.8%)) reporting that they had never smoked. This is significantly higher than among those with less education, fewer than half (44% (42.0%, 46.0%)) of Ontario adults (19+ years) without a certificate, degree or diploma (highest level of education high school or less) had never smoked.


Approximately one-quarter (26% (24.1%, 28.6%)) of Ontario adults (19+ years) living in the lowest income quintile were current smokers, which was approximately twice as high as the 13% (13.5%, 14.8%) that reported as current smokers among those living in the highest income quintile.