Map of Simcoe Muskoka


Secondhand Smoke

Smoking in the Home

Nearly nine out of ten Simcoe Muskoka households are now completely free of secondhand smoke. However, disparities in smoke-free homes exist for those with lower levels of household income, those residing in multi-unit residential dwellings and those living in dwellings that are rented.

Smoking in Vehicles

Fewer than one in twenty non-smokers are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke in private vehicles, and this has significantly decreased over time. Children and youth reported the highest rates of exposure to secondhand smoke in vehicles.

Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in Public Places

Roughly one in four non-smoking children and youth (12-19) in Simcoe Muskoka report being regularly exposed to secondhand smoke in public places, higher than what was reported by non-smoking adults (20+).

Exposure to Secondhand Smoke at Work or School

Approximately one in fourteen non-smokers in Simcoe Muskoka report regular exposure to secondhand smoke at work or school. Youth (12-19) were significantly more likely to report regular exposure at school or work to secondhand smoke.