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Sexual Health

Sexual Health Education

In 2013, Simcoe Muskoka parents and caregivers of children 12 to 17 years were asked about discussing sexual health with their child as part of the Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey.

The survey results showed that 78% (70.7%, 85.4%) of parents reported discussing the appropriate age for starting sexual activity with their child. About two-thirds reported discussing methods of contraception (71% (63.3%, 79.5%)) and ways of preventing sexually transmitted infections (69% (60.7%, 77.4%)) with their child. Parents of older youth (15 to 17 years) reported discussing sexual health significantly more than did parents of younger youth (12 to 14 years).


Just over half (55% (46.1%, 64.2%)) of parents said they were very comfortable discussing sexual health with their child. Virtually all parents surveyed felt that they have the information (98% (92.3%, 99.2%)) or know where to find the information (96% (93.3%, 99.6%)) they need to talk with their child about sex.

The responses given by parents in 2013 did not change significantly from 2007, the last time these questions were included in the RRFSS survey.