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Pregnancy and Before

Health During Pregnancy

Having a healthy pregnancy begins before conception. Eating according to Canada’s Food Guide, exercising regularly and having regular checkups with a health care provider are ways a woman can maximize her own health as well as the health of any future baby. Lifestyle choices made by a mother before and during pregnancy can also affect the health of the unborn child. These choices can affect the child for his or her entire life.  For more information on having a healthy pregnancy, please visit the health unit's website on pregnancy.

Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding alcohol and other drugs including tobacco during pregnancy all contribute to optimal maternal and infant health.  This section presents local data on the topics below. 

Prenatal preparation

Folic acid supplementation

Smoking during pregnancy

Alcohol use during pregnancy

Drug use during pregnancy

Mental health concern during pregnancy

Complications during pregnancy

Infections during pregnancy

Gestational Weight Gain