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Oral Health

Oral Health

Maintaining good oral health is important for overall health throughout the lifespan. In children, tooth loss can affect speech development, school performance and food choices.  In all age groups, poor oral health can lead to reduced quality of life and in some cases serious infections and discomfort.  Poor oral health and in particular gum disease has been linked to diabetes, respiratory diseases and perhaps heart disease.  Tooth loss in seniors can lead to reduced intakes of fibre, protein, calcium and vitamin C. 

Poor oral health can also have an effect on psychological and social well-being by detracting from the pleasure of eating, affecting communication, social relationships and other daily activities. Both children and adults may suffer loss of self esteem due to their appearance.  For more information, please visit the health unit's website on dental health.

These HealthSTATS pages provide data on tooth decaydental insurance coverage and water fluoridation in Simcoe County and the District of Muskoka. Provincial comparisons are made where data are available.

The tooth decay data were obtained from OHISS and the survey that preceded OHISS, the Dental Indices Survey (DIS).  Other local data is obtained from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) and the Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System (RRFSS).

Further details of these pages are found in the 2009 focus report on the Oral Health in Simcoe and Muskoka