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Healthy Eating


Sodium is a mineral found in table salt and is often added to foods as a preservative or flavour enhancer. Excess sodium intake may lead to high blood pressure, which can increase risk for heart disease and stroke. For more information on healthy eating, including information on specific nutrients like sodium, please follow this link to our main website.   

According to the 2012 (Jan-Aug) Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System (RRFSS) survey, approximately two-thirds (66% (62.3%, 70.1%)) of Simcoe Muskoka adults (18+) reported being aware that guidelines for sodium consumption exist. Awareness of sodium guidelines was significantly higher among those with a post-secondary diploma or degree (74% (68.4%, 78.5%)) when compared with those with a high school diploma or less (59% (52.9%, 64.5%).

Also from the same RRFSS survey, 43% (38.8%, 46.9%) of adults (18+) said they always or mostly consider sodium when choosing the foods that they eat, while 25% (21.7%, 28.9%) said they rarely or never consider sodium when choosing what they eat. Males consider sodium when choosing foods significantly less than do females.