Map of Simcoe Muskoka


Active Transportation

Active transportation describes the use of active modes of transportation such as walking or biking to reach school or work. Active transportation promotes healthy physical activity and can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the use of cars. Increased physical activity can decrease the risk of chronic disease such as heart disease.

In 2015, 42% (37.7, 45.5) of adults (18+) in Simcoe Muskoka reported biking or walking in the last 12 months for reasons other than recreation or fitness, according to the Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System (RRFSS) survey. There has been a small increase in the proportion of adults reporting the use of active transport from the 2011 to 2015 RRFSS surveys.


Youth (aged 18-24 years) are significantly more likely to report using active transport (71.7%, [43.8%, 89.2%]) than older adults, aged 65+ (34.6% [28.9%, 40.8%]). There was no difference in the proportion of survey respondents who reported active transport based on sex, education level, income level, or urban vs rural residence.