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Determinants Of Health


QAIPPE stands for the “Quintile of Annual Income Per Person Equivalent.” In the 2006 Census, Statistics Canada calculated the average income per person for each dissemination area. Twenty-percent of dissemination areas with the lowest incomes have a QAIPPE of “1”, while 20% of the dissemination areas with the highest incomes are given a QAIPPE of “5”.*

Looking at key demographic characteristics by income quintiles can help identify groups of greatest need in a population. For example, if we look at the percentage of lone parent families, we see that the largest proportion (18.6%) fall into the lowest income quintile. The same is true for the percentage of seniors living alone (35%). Conversely, our highest income quintile (QAIPPE = 5) has the highest percentage of residents with a university degree (26.4%).


*Source: Statistics Canada. 2006 Census Dictionary, Dissemination Area (DA). Retrieved September 18, 2012 from