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Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol Use - Youth

Provincial Trends

According to the 2015 Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey (OSDUHS), alcohol is the most commonly used drug among youth. Nearly half (48% (44.3%, 52.6%)) of Simcoe Muskoka students report drinking alcohol in the past year, which was not significantly different from the provincial average of 46% (42.9%, 48.7%).

Also from the 2015 (OSDUHS), approximately one-quarter of Simcoe Muskoka high school students reported higher risk drinking behaviours in the previous month, including: binge drinking (26% (21.1%, 32.1%)), drunkenness (22% (16.2%, 29.7%)) or participating in drinking games (28% (19.2%, 38.4%)); which were all similar to their respective provincial averages.


Higher risk drinking behaviours, like binge drinking, are reported more frequently among students in higher grades.


Provincial Trends

The long-term provincial trend (going back to 1977) shows a dramatic decrease in alcohol use among grade seven and grade nine students and a significant but less pronounced decline among grade eleven students.